How to remove or delete a Data-Import job


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A Data-Import job may hang and remain in the 'Processing' state for a long time with no delete button available on the ITAM GUI. This may delay other jobs queuing behind it. How to address this?



Applies to all ITAM versions r12.6 - r14.1 on Windows running against MSSQL



1. Locate the job id # of the import job you intend to remove (under import jobs, or associated jobs). 

2. Stop the Data Importer Service

3. To 'delete' the job, simply update the status to 'Failed' as follows:

UPDATE al_import_schedule
SET status = 2
WHERE import_schedule_id = 'YourJobIDNumber'

4. Restart the Data Import service.

Note: Should you later want to re-process the job that was marked as 'failed' do the same steps as above, but the SQL query for step_3 will slightly change as follows:

UPDATE al_import_schedule
SET status = 0 --This sets the job status to 'Ready'
WHERE import_schedule_id = 'YourJobIDNumber' 


Release: UAPMAC990JPP-12.9-Asset Portfolio Management-Asset Configuration