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Where to change the OneClick model icon color


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CA Spectrum



I need to change the model icon color from orange (major alarm) and yellow (minor alarm) to green (normal), in other words the model icon color should be green also in case of major and minor alarms


When I receive major alarm for the model the model icon color will become orange, minor - yellow and etc. I need to change model icon color only if I receive critical alarm - red.

For example I receive major or minor alarm for one of my models - the icon color of this model must be green. If I receive critical alarm - the icon color of this model must be red. How I can do this?




1.  Copy all files oneclick-*-iconbase-image-config.xml from: $SPECROOT/tomcat/webapps/spectrum/WEB-INF/topo/config to $SPECROOT/custom/topo/config

2.     Edit each file copied in the $SPECROOT/custom/topo/config/ ( for example oneclick-router-iconbase-image-config.xml file) and change the yellow.png and the orange.png string into green.png.

3.     In this way, even if the status of your router is major the model of it should be displayed green instead of orange. 

4.     For the "off page reference" icons, copy to the $SPECROOT/custom/topo/config also the two files:



5.    and change the yellow.png and the orange.png string into green.png. 

6.    Reopen your OC console



Release: SPDBIP99000-9.4-Spectrum-Device Based Suite-IP Services Manager