Clarity PPM: How To View Logs
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Clarity PPM: How To View Logs


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Clarity PPM On Premise


How can the application logs be checked?



To view the error logs from within Clarity PPM, the following conditions must apply:

1. Grant user the global right: Administration - Application Setup
2. From any page within Clarity, modify the browser URL field by replacing everything after action: with security.logs 

Example: http://<server>/niku/nu#action:security.logs

The logs page will display the server and associated logs.
From there, the logs can be viewed, downloaded, and saved.

Additional Information

A common mistake is to go to:

Example: http://<server>/niku/nu#action:security.log

This will fail with an error:

"hasn't been implemented", this error is caused by inputting the url incorrectly.