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How to migrate from CA Teleview to CA TPX


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Teleview TELEVIEW- PACKAGE TPX - Session Management TPX- PACKAGE Vman Session Management for z/OS TPX SESSION MANAGEMENT



For customers converting their session manager from CA Teleview™ to CA TPX™ Session Management for z/OS (CA TPX™), a migration document has been created, along with sample JCL jobs, to help effectively succeed with this transition.

The detailed information for this effort can be found in the document titled: Migrating CA Teleview to CA TPX.



CA Teleview 4.4

CA TPX 5.4



CA TPX™ Session Management for z/OS 5.4 product software must be installed on your system into a SMP/E CSI environment, before TPX APAR TR86118 is applied.

TPX APAR TR86118 provides the utilities to assist with migrating CA Teleview to CA TPX.

Please refer to the TPX documentation in the link below for complete details on the process.


Additional Information:

 TPX 5.4 documentation wiki: Migrating CA Teleview to CA TPX

Contact CA Support for questions and access to TPX APAR TR86118.


Release: TELVDO00200-4.4-Teleview-Session Management-Distributed Option