Exporting Jobs with Job Statuses using the Autosys Upgrade Assistant


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I am using the Autosys Upgrade Assistant (AUA) to export jobs from our 11.0 Autosys environment and import them into a new 11.3.6 Autosys environment. 

When I export the jobs, the state of the job doesn't come with it. Because the state of the job doesn't get imported, many jobs will start before I get a chance to do a sendevent command. Can I import jobs without the scheduler running? Can I stop a job scheduled from running until I set the state?



Workload Automation AE 11.3.6 SP1



If the target environment is CA Workload Automation AE 11.3.6 SP1 and above, the Upgrade Assistant can take advantage of the status jil attribute to improve migration performance as well as migrate job statuses. There are now three options for migration:

1. Set Jobs to ON_ICE

2. Set Jobs to NOEXEC

3. Migrate with Current Statuses.


Set Jobs to ON_ICE/Set Jobs to NOEXEC – Set Jobs to ON_ICE and Set Jobs to NOEXEC provide the same end result as described in base migration process above but the method for migration has been reduced to one step. Each job is inserted with a status attribute set to ON_ICE or ON_NOEXEC depending on the option selected.


Migrate with Current Statuses – The Migrate with Current Statuses option allows the jobs to be inserted with its current status from the source environment. This involves a 3 step process to retrieve the statuses from the source environment, insert the jobs, and update job date_conditions.


1. When the user clicks “Start Migration”, the statuses are retrieved from the source environment. This is the only time statuses will be retrieved during the migration process. For this reason, it is recommended that the scheduler on the source environment be turned off or that streams being migrated are halted in the source environment prior to migrating. If a migrating job’s status changes on the source environment after this point, the change is NOT reflected in the migration.

2. The Upgrade Assistant creates a temporary box that is placed on ON_HOLD to prevent any contained jobs from running. All of the jobs are then placed inside of this temporary box. The jobs are inserted with the status found using the status attribute. If the status found was nonterminal, the Upgrade Assistant will migrate the jobs with an ON_HOLD status.

3. The temporary box is deleted by the Upgrade Assistant, allowing the jobs to execute as they would on the source environment. The upgrade assistant then updates each job with date_conditions ensuring that their next start times are up to date. Be aware that the jobs are free to run in the target environment as soon as the box is removed.



·         The status migration uses the new jil attribute “status”. This is only valid for terminal statuses. If a job has a status that is nonterminal (RUNNING, STARTING, RESTART, ACTIVATED, QUE_WAIT, WAIT_REPLY, PEND_MACH), the Upgrade Assistant will migrate the job with an ON_HOLD status. After migration, the Upgrade Assistant will provide a report indicating which jobs had their statuses changed from the source data.

·         Because of the complexities with migrating current statuses, it is highly recommended that the users migrate jobs using the Set Job to ON_ICE option. If the user must migrate with the current statuses, the user should ensure that job statuses will not be changing on the source environment. Once the migration starts, behavior cannot be predicted if migrating jobs are allowed to execute on the source.

·         The Upgrade Assistant does not modify the source environment. Once the jobs are migrated on to the target environment, the user should ensure that the jobs will not run on the source environment.


 Additional Information:

Visit the CA Workload Automation AE Autosys Upgrade Assistant page for more information about job migrations or to download the AUA tool.


Release: ATSYHA99000-11.3.6-Workload Automation AE-High Availability Option