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Changing the colors of relationships in CMDB Visualizer fails with error 'ADM10001: the operation could not be completed because the Service Manager security settings. Contact your administrator.'


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When trying to change the color and line width in CMDB Visualizer, saving the changes may produce the following error:

"ADM10001: the operation could not be completed because the Service Manager security settings. Contact your administrator. " 


This problem was reported with CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) SDM 12.9, but may affect other CA SDM releases.


There are two possible causes for the problem:

1. The CA SDM user trying to make the change does not have any Role assigned. 

This error in the Visualizer log shows the following:

"AHD03300:This operation requires Function Access for admin equal to View or Modify "

2. The CMDB Visualizer login must respect the way it is registered in CA SDM. 

User was logging in to CMDB Visualizer in lowercase (servicedesk) while the CA SDM contact had upper + lowercase (ServiceDesk).



1. Assign a Role to the CA SDM user.


a.  Open user detail page


b.  Click Update Roles and click Search.


c.  Assign Administrator Role to the user and click OK to complete the operation

<Please see attached file for image>

No role assigned


<Please see attached file for image>


2. Login to Visualizer respecting the upper/lowercase of the user as defined within the CA SDM contact record (i.e. ServiceDesk)

Additional Information:

For reference on how to change the change the Color and Width of the Relationships in Visualizer refer to the following documents:

TEC504988 - How to Customize CMDB Relationships display settings in Visualizer?

TEC504989 - How to Change the CI Display status in Visualizer?



Component: SDWEBS


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