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Enable/Disable Next button on Page Layout Form-Component


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Enable/Disable the 'Next' button on a 'Page Layout' CA Service Catalog Form-Component


CA Service Catalog r14.1 on Windows.

Designing a CA Service Catalog form with a 'Page Layout' component on it.

And then add several 'Pages' to that 'Page Layout' component.

You then get a 'Back' and 'Next' button at the bottom of every 'Page', to move from one 'Page' to another.

On the first page, several fields are defined and some of them with required=true:

<Please see attached file for image>


Which means there are some mandatory fields presented.

At the bottom, you see the 'Back' button (greyed-out) and the 'Next' button (active).


On the 2nd page, also fields are defined:

<Please see attached file for image>


And at the bottom, you see the 'Next' button (greyed-out) and the 'Back' button (active).


The question is:

You want to have the 'Next' button on the first page, greyed-out (too), as long as not all required fields in the 'Page' have been populated?


The buttons that appear in the Page Layout system-component on a Service Catalog Form,

are no individual 'components' as such.

Which means that these can not be handled or processed from within a script on that form.

Nor can these be set as 'disabled' or 'hidden', depending on another form's component-value.

Additional Information:

Note: For situations like this, where a user wants to request for a change of behaviour of the current release of the product, one can add an Idea in the CA Service Catalog Communities.



Release: CASVCT99000-14.1-Service Catalog


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