How to find out which devices have stopped responding to Data Collector?s polling?
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How to find out which devices have stopped responding to Data Collector?s polling?


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CA Performance Center, as a monitoring tool of dynamic networks, will frequently contain devices that are no longer in commission or are temporarily offline for various reasons. This will give rise to device inactive errors. 


Is there anyway to find out which devices are inactive on CA Performance Center? 


CA Performance Center 2.6.0 and above.


User can find inactive devices easily in CA Performance Center’s default dashboard.

CA Performance Center has a self monitoring dashboard that shows those devices that have stopped responding to Data Collector’s polling.

The user can go to CA Performance Center’s menu for System Health, select Data Aggregator Polling, then have a look at the horizontal bar chart for Stopped Polls by Device.

This bar shows the total number of measurements for the operational metric - Number of Polls Stopped Due to Prior Timeouts.

If a device’s horizontal bar chart for Number of Polls Stopped due to Prior Timeouts is very high, this means that the device has not been polled for some time.

The user can use this to identify and verify relevant devices via ping and nslookup. If not found, user may wish to delete them from CA Performance Center.


Release: IMDAGG99000-2.6-Infrastructure Management-Data Aggregator