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After upgrading to eHealth or, I cannot rediscover or poll Snmp V3 devices.


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CA eHealth



When I discover a device or use nhImportSnmpKeyInfo or nhExportSnmpKeyInfo, I receive the following error:

“unable to initialize etpki_libcrypto : in file ../cciCrypt.C”

Another symptom is problems polling devices: receiving "No Response" errors

Affected kit: Windows from January 04, 2016

Affected areas: SNMP V3 and CNDC. There may be more areas affeted, but as they are discovered, this artcile will be kept up to date.

In eHealth there was a CAPKI upgrade. cryptocme.sig file is one of the CAPKI files.
The cryptocme.sig file is windows formatted (end of line symbols in hex 0D 0A), but etpki requires this file to be in unix format.
We are still in the process of determining where /how this file format got changed to Windows format.

To clarify any confusion, eHealth was developed for unix platforms and was ported to Windows by customer demand.
eHealth runs on top of unix on Windows systems. MKS NutCRACKER is the product integrated with eHealth, that allows this.


This problem is fixed in eHealth

 If you are currently planning to upgrade your eHealth Windows to eHealth through,  you have 2 options:

 1. Put a hold on upgrading to or or if it is necessary to upgrade, then following the steps in step 2.

 2. Once you have upgraded, find the existing cryptocme.sig file(s) in the following locations, and convert them from Windows to Unix format:


To check the files,  run the following commands:


                                ls -l   %NH_HOME%\bin\sys\cryptocme.sig


                                 ls -l   %NH_HOME%\modules\cndc\bin\cryptocme.sig          


Good size for file is 2638 bytes, bad size is 2679.



To fix the files, run the following commands:


                                flip -u   %NH_HOME%\bin\sys\cryptocme.sig


                                 flip -u   %NH_HOME%\modules\cndc\bin\cryptocme.sig

No restart of eHealth or reboot is necessary!

Additional Information:
NOTE: This article references a problem that exists for only eHealth running on Windows platforms upgrading to from a previous version of eHealth.

NOTE: Before upgrading any revision of eHealth that is polling SnmpV3, please ensure you export and backup your Snmp V3 Keys:

nhSnmpKeyInfo -dciOut V3Keys.dci





Component: EHCMD