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The "CA SAM Event Management Service" fails to run after upgrade of SOI 3.3 to SOI 4.0


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)



I have upgraded the Integration Framework on my connector server from SOI 3.3 to SOI 4.0.

The "CA SAM Event Management Service" fails to run.

There are messages in the jsw_EventManagement_wrapper.log file indicating

"javax.jms.JMSException: User name or password is invalid"

So there must be some kind of configuration issue resulting from the SOI 4.0 upgrade.


SOI 3.3 upgrade to SOI 4.0 on a connector server


This is a known issue and the step how to resolve it are provided in the SOI 4.0 CUM1 Release Notes:


Known Issues
When remote IFW is upgraded to CA SOI 4.0, the Event Management services are not started.
Perform the following steps:
1. Open the command prompt.
2. Navigate to <SOI Home>\Tools.
3. Execute the following command: EncryptSAMCreds.bat <Password>
4. Copy the output. Example: EFC5l+Zfcr6i2sZigV3EGSmiU4OpHCAZvH/JiXt4KV4Z
5. Open the event ManagerServerConfig.xml file in <SOI HOME>\EventManagement\resources.
6. Paste the copied text in the value field at the following location: <property name="password" value="___"/>
7. Start the Service






Component: SOICTR