Need to RELOAD External File Interface Data
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Need to RELOAD External File Interface Data


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MICS Resource Management



External File Interface data has been loaded. Debits and credits have been posted. CLOSETBL and FINRECAP jobs have been executed. Is there a way to correct the data from the External File Interface (EFI) update without restoring and rerunning the entire process?



All supported maintenance levels of CA MICS.


The problem occurred because the input file for the External File Interface job was invalid.


1. Create a SAS job to read the TABLES.ACTSDT01 file and delete records that contain the comp code (SDTCPC) for the External File Interface data.

2. Submit sharedprefix.CNTL(ACTADJLD) to load the corrected data into sp.MICS.ISPTLIB.  Specify 01 for the cycle.

3. Submit the External File Interface job with the corrected data and set the CYCLE=nn to 01 on the SYSPARM statement in the JCL.

4. Submit sharedprefix.CNTL(FINRECAP).

Additional Information:


A backup of sharedprefix.MICS.ISPTLIB and sharedprefix.MICS.TABLES is recommended before starting the process.  Contact CA MICS Support if you have any questions on the above procedure or whether your situation matches this problem.


Release: MICSAC00200-12.9-MICS-Resource Management-Accounting and Chargeback Opt