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Report Is Failed with an Oracle Error of ORA-01658


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Report can be failed with some Oracle errors. One of the example is ORA-01658 that indicates the Oracle datafile is over 32 gigabytes or the system is running of space. This article explains how to troubleshoot this error.



One of the followings can be a root cause for ORA-01658. The error can occur on any platforms including Window, Unix and Linux that are running ehealth 6.2 and newer versions.

 1. Oracle index datafile is over 32 gigabytes.

 2. System is running out of disk space and the datafile could not be extended.

 3. Datafile has been seriously fragmented, and an extent could not be allocated even though the total unused space in the datafile is big enough.



The general solution is to add a new index datafile into NH_INDEX tablespace using nhManageDbSpace utility. Following is a example procedure on how to add a new datafile into NH_INDEX tablespace. In the example, the '-newPath' is '/opt/oradata' (the place for new datafile). Please use your own location.

1. As $NH_USER, and change the directory to $NH_HOME/bin

2. Run the command of 'nhManageDbSpace -add -newPath /opt/oradata -tablespace NH_INDEX -size 2G'. The command will create a new 2 GB datafile for the NH_INDEX tablespace.

3. Run the report again to see if the error would disappear. 


Release: LHDEVC99000-6.3-eHealth-Live Health Upgrade Elements