idash space usage
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idash space usage


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iDash Workload Automation


We've noticed that /opt/CA/idash/log/sla/final directory takes a lot of space, currently 24GB on our UAT server.

Is there anything that can be done to decrease space required by this directory?


IDash WA



If you do not care much about the SLA Trend Report data for a particular date range then for this date range you can remove the corresponding files under the final and archive directories. It will be the 4 files for every SLA. The removed SLAs will also not show up under “Past SLA Runs” table in the Web UI. 

Scenario 2

If you do care about the Past SLA Runs in the Web UI and SLA Trend Report data then from the final and archive directories for each SLA they can remove all the files except for the *.mst files.



For our reference  zip or tar all the four files for each SLA but just keep the mst file around for SLA Trend Report data.