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How to configure DSERIES if necessary to move the database to another machine?


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - Scheduler (dSeries) CA Workload Automation DE


Steps to migrate Workload Automation DE (dSeries) database to another machine/server.


Release: 11.3.x, 12.x   
Component: Workload Automation DE (High Availability)


Please follow these steps in the sequence below:

1- Take a backup of <DSERIES install folder>/conf/ in both DSERIES servers (primary/standby).

2- Stop DSERIES service in both DSERIES servers (standby first), to avoid DB updates during the process.

3- Take a backup of DSERIES DB and restore it in the new DB server (keep the original DB until the process is completed).

4- At primary server, run the "setdbparm" utility to configure DSERIES to connect on the "new" DB.

Windows: <DSERIES install folder>\bin\setdbparm.bat jdbc.URL
Unix/Linux : <DSERIES install folder>/bin/setdbparm jdbc.URL

NOTE:  Please refer to DSERIES documentation to get instructions about how to use it.

5 - Run the "validatedbconnection" utility to validate if DSERIES primary server is able to connect on DB. If some problem occurs, please check for errors displayed in the screen. After this, fix the problem(s) and run it again.

Windows: <dseries install folder>\bin\validatedbconnection.bat
Unix/Linux: <dseries install folder>/bin/validatedbconnection

6 - After validating connection, copy "" file to same folder location in standby server.

 7 - Start DSERIES service in both servers (Primary first) and run tests to evaluate if everything is ok.

 For some reason, If you need to revert back the process, the return plan is described below:

a-  Stop DSERIES service in both DSERIES servers (standby first).

b- Restore "" files backed up in step 1.

c- Run "validatedbconnection" utility in both DSERIES servers, and check if the connection is ok.

d- Start DSERIES service in both servers (Primary first).