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Is it possible to change the SYSTEM and/or the SUBSYSTEM for a Endevor element at the production stage and reflect those changes in the object footprints?


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Can we change the Element's SYSTEM and/or SUBSYSTEM for Endevor Elements? Would the output objects footprints be changed also?


All supported versions of CA Endevor SCM.


Two methods can do this.  Each has advantages and  disadvantages. 

The first method is to add the source back to the lowest stage and promote it back to production. The advantage with this method is it's a standard way of doing things. So no processors are changed and the history would reflect what was done. The disadvantage with this method is if you are changing load objects(programs) the risk is that the programs would have changed. So testing of the programs would be required.

The next method is to TRANSFER the element from production to product with the new SYSTEM and/or SUB system. You must TRANSFER with history and leave the GENERATE and DELETE processors active. The GENERATE processor must be altered to do a BSTCOPY of all output objects that are attached to the element.  This would require a BSTCOPY to a temporary file then BSTCOPY to the production file. This is because BSTCOPY does not allow a member to be copied to it's self. The delete must be done so that output objects are not deleted only the old Element.  The advantage with this method is that objects(programs) are not altered. Only the footprint gets updated with the BSTCOPY.  The disadvantages with this method are that the setup time would be longer. This time would involve the research of each type and the writing of new processors. It is also recommended that after the method you run "CONRPT83: Footprint Exception Report" to check for errors. 

Additional Information: 

It is recommend that you ask your auditors what method they would accept. It may be they would not accept a direct change to production like in the TRANSFER method.

If you alter the Element SYSTEM and/or SUB SYSTEM using TRANSFER you must use generate. This is due to the fact that both SYSTEM and SUB SYSTEM are in the object footprint. The generate would refresh the footprint thus avoiding footprint mismatch errors.

Prior to starting this process please call support. This is not a simple task to do. 



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