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CPU Utilization not showing correct for Checkpoint CPU


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


CPU Utilization is showing high for Checkpoint devices





Release: IMDAGG99000-3.6-Infrastructure Management-Data Aggregator


For the Checkpoint devices, the Vendor Certification that is being used for the CPU Metric Family is “Checkpoint Multi CPU”.

This will poll the CPU instances with below OID: (multiProcUsage)

This will create multiple CPU instances for checkpoint devices and the CPU usage will be reported higher.

Rather, clients want to report the overall CPU usage with the below OID: (procUsage)


Change the VC priority for the CPU metric family such that “UC Davis CPU” VC would take high priority than “Checkpoint Multi CPU” VC.


1.   Login to CAPC Webpage.

2.   Navigate to DataAggregator

3.   Goto Metric Families

4.   Search for CPU

5.   Right side select “Vendor Priorities”

6.   Click on “Manage”

7.   Move “Checkpoint Server Processor” so that it has a lower number (i.e higher in the list) than that of “Checkpoint Multi CPU”

8.   The CPU metric family for the device will likely update automatically, if not you can use the update metric family button for CPU or wait until normal change detection occurs

Additional Information

If the problem still persists after running above commands or if you face any additional problems during the above commands, please contact CA Support.