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Upgrading to CA 7 r12 or 12.1 and the database is empty


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CA 7 Workload Automation


 Why are we not seeing any jobs in our database after completing the conversion jobs and starting up Workload Automation CA 7 r12 or 12.1?



Component: 7


The Workload Automation CA 7 r12 or 12.1 is not pointing to the logical database name where the data was imported to.  

  • Check job AL2DCC50 for the IMPORT statement value for the logical database name

        IMPORT=MYDB  where MYDB is the logical database name.

  • Verify the CA 7 DBPARMS dd statement is pointing to the a file containing the same logical database name


 The Workload Automation CA 7  started task log will also display the logical database during start up with the following message,

   CAL2D021I Logical database name is: MYDB