Load DWH fails with error "Could not login to Jaspersoft"
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Load DWH fails with error "Could not login to Jaspersoft"


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The Load Data Warehouse (DWH) job fails with error: Could not login to Jaspersoft, domains could not get updated for customizations.



Release: All Supported Releases
Component: Clarity Data Warehouse


The reason this is failing because the out of box user with username ppmjasperadmin has been modified and hence Jaspersoft is not able to authenticate the Clarity report user ppmjasperadmin


  • Check for the username ppmjasperadmin by running the below query and it should return one record  
    • SELECT * FROM cmn_sec_users
      WHERE user_name = 'ppmjasperadmin'
  • If the above query doesn't return a row which means username has been modified, then run another query to find out 
    • SELECT * FROM cmn_sec_users
      WHERE user_uid = 'ppmjasperadmin'
  • Update the username for resourceid - ppmjasperadmin via Clarity --> Administration --> Resources --> search for resourceid = ppmjasperadmin and update the username to ppmjasperadmin

Note: Please do not make any changes to any out of box seeded users 

Additional Information

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