SysEDGE Cannot Report Memory Values Over 2TB
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SysEDGE Cannot Report Memory Values Over 2TB


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SysEDGE cannot display proper values in some Memory related OIDs on systems with greater than 2 TB of RAM. Affected OIDs include (but may not be limited to):

memory ( "The amount of memory in 1024 byte units contained in the system."

memInUse ( "The total real KBytes of memory in use sampled over a fixed period of time.  The sampling interval is system dependent.  In SunOS, the kernel updates this parameter once every 5 seconds.  Comparing memInUse to memory (in the Concord 'sysedgeSystem' group) can help indicate if a system has sufficient memory for its current load."

memInUseCapacity ( "The percentage of the system's memory in use. The value of this object can be approximated by dividing memInUse(9) by memory(sysedgeSystem.3) and converting to a percentage.  Because virtual memory allows systems to operate with a higher memCapacity value, this value alone should not be used to judge how loaded a system is.  Managers should also monitor swapCapacity.




Release: SYSEDG99000-12.9-Stand Alone SystemEDGE Agent


MIB values are limited to signed 32 Bit integers. Code is limited to unsigned 32 bit integers.



SystemEDGE allows you to further expand its monitoring capabilities via Extension Scripts.

An extension script could be used to get the desired value. For example, Percent of Free Memory. This could then be watched via a Threshold (AKA Self Monitor) as desired.

An example extension script for Linux is available attached to this document.

Please refer to TEC1111823 for full details on how to use MIB Extensions with Thresholds (AKA Self Monitors).


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32 bit integers


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