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REST query filtered on alarm titles does not work.


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CA Spectrum


When making a request via REST to Spectrum and I create a filter based on attribute 0x12b4c (ALARM_TITLE), it does not work as expected.  For example, using a filter to pull all alarms that "include" <alarm title x> brings back nothing, while a filter for "does not include" <alarm title x> brings back all alarms, including those with the "filtered out" alarm title.





Alarm titles are stored by default with the pcause which is then stored in alarm attribute Alarm_Cause_Title (0x4820020). The attribute Alarm_Title (0x12b4c) is only populated by alarms that use dynamic alarm titles.

So when we make a query for alarms the alarm attribute 0x12b4c will not be populated for alarms that use static alarm titles, which is the vast majority of the time, and so cannot be filtered on.


Once the alarms are pulled to the client, titles are then populated from the pcause files, which is why we can see alarm titles, when we pull all alarms via REST.  We can apply the filter on ALARM_TITLE(0x12b4c), after the client application requests and receives data from REST api (i.e by using Alarm_Cause_Title filtering), at the time of parsing the xml/json data.

Additional Information

Please reference the "Web Services API Reference" section of the documentation for more information.