Clustering with Wildfly mod_JK receiving error JBWEB0042
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Clustering with Wildfly mod_JK receiving error JBWEB0042


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While on a clustered environment running wildfly 8.2.1 with mod_JK, when trying to View users, groups, organizations, etc. you receive the following error 





Release: CAIDMB99000-12.6.7-Identity Manager-B to B


1) This error is displayed on the UI due to the version of mod_JK that is being used.

2) Configuration errors inside files. 


1) please upgrade the version of mod_JK you are using. If the version is out dated this will cause the error displayed above. A working version of mod_JK that works with wildfly 8.2.1 is 1.2.40. 

2) Update the worker.worker1 to match the node_name on the standalone.bat file.

On the standalone.bat file it will say "set "NODE_NAME=iamnode0"" copy the node_name and replace worker1 with the node name to look like worker.iamnode0. 


Afterwards restarts the clustered environment and the issue should no longer be present. 


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