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Importing?Knowledge Tools (KT) documents in CA Service Desk Manager (SDM)?may fail with Attachments error


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In this specific scenario, the KBs were exported from SDM 12.7 and imported on SDM 14.1. 

For some documents, the import worked with success, and for others it was failing.

Even trying to import the package again was failing.

By checking the logs it is possible to see messages as the ones below:

Expanding value cache from 90 to 103 for list_KEIT_import_transactions.htmpl[1] to accommodate  tenant

select_attmnt() - Attachment id 5E732E7A63F01D48822A7FA5790932DA already exist.

Failed to complete reply method: 'kd_created' ,BOP Name:'400251' in class:'Kd_Obj', Error:NO, AHD03055: Data Partition Pre-Update restriction on Knowledge Document

Import_Data_Handler::kd_done() - Error - document 400045 failed to be imported



One of the causes, as per the error messages above, is related to Data Partition pre-update restriction on Knowledge Document



1. Fix the Data Partition settings

The message below is pretty clear:

AHD03055: Data Partition Pre-Update restriction on Knowledge Document

To fix the problem, you need to adjust the Data Partition Constraint for the user who is performing the KT import action. 

The user who is trying to perform the import must have access to the Skeletons table as the Service Desk Analyst access type has.

You may need either to update the data partition constraint for the user as per described above or change the user Access Type - it will depend on which is better to do in your environment.


2. Run a refresh on the Document Repository table

After fixing the error in step 1, you may still see the following error occurring:

select_attmnt() - Attachment id 5E732E7A63F01D48822A7FA5790932DA already exist.

To fix this a cache_refresh on table Document_Repository is required because depending on the number of documents being imported, the cache may not be updated accordingly.

The command to be issued on the Primary server or Background server (this will depend on your SDM architecture) is:

pdm_cache_refresh -t Document_Repository



Component: USRD