VRX$SEG: what is it and do I need it?
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VRX$SEG: what is it and do I need it?


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Mainframe VM Product Manager VM:Manager Suite for Linux on Mainframe VM:Manager Suite for z/VM VM SUITE



We have a NSS named VRX$SEG that was created by VMRMAINT.

What is it for and is it still required?


VRX$SEG was a segment distributed with VM:Archiver in the old AIM pre-SES days. VRX was the old PROREXX product. It was also included in the old VM:Migrate product.

In VM:Archiver r2.4, VRX$ modules (and other files) get loaded to the runtime/192 disk so VM:Archiver has access to what it needs when it is initialized.

As part of the conversion from AIM to VMSES, CA stopped distributing the instructions on saving the PROREXX saved segments used by VM:Archiver.  There are very few benefits of using the segment compared to the complexity it introduces in the VMSES deliverables. VM:Archiver will use the segment if it exists.  Since the server runs just fine without it, we recommend that you PURGE the segment.  It will be one less thing to keep track of.





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