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How to configure CA SystemEDGE to monitor processes based on parameter received on execution line.


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How to configure CA SystemEDGE to monitor processes based on parameters received on execution line.


Certain application call the same process (binary) with different parameters to instruct it to provide different functionalities or services. As an example, many applications use java process as main process and service provided depends on the configuration file passed as parameter on command line that start it.

On this circumstances monitor the existence of main process could not help as many instances of it could be running, to distinguish it CA SystemEdge also allow to monitor the parameters used when process instance was started.


All environments


1) Stop CA SystemEdge Agent

2) Modify the to configure the file system watchers. is in the CA SystemEDGE data_directory,

The default path in unix,


The default path in windows,


3) Add your LogFile watcher to the as this way:

watch process <attr> '<regexpr>' <index> <flags> <interval> <stype> <oper> <thresh> ['<descr>' ['<action>' ['<objClass>' '<objInst>' '<objAttr>' <severity>]]]


On next example we’ll check if it is running a process that contains in sequence at execution command line the “notepad” and “” strings.

watch process procAlive 'notepad.*'   13 0x800 30 absolute = 4 'CA Web Services' ''   'Process' '' 'Alive' Ok

4) Restart the CA SystemEDGE Agent

On windows you can restart the agent in the services.msc

On Unix you can go to run the following command:

/opt/CA/SystemEDGE/bin/sysedgectl restart

Additional Information:

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Release: SYSPAG99000-5.7-Systemedge


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