How can I find out what devices are supported by CA Performance Management?
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How can I find out what devices are supported by CA Performance Management?


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For a device to be discovered correctly and for its metrics to be calculated accurately in CA Performance Center (CAPC), it needs to be certified so that the various OIDs in its MIB are recognised by CAPC.


Where I can find out if my device is certified in CAPC?


CAPC: All versions


The portal can be used to find devices that are supported in each version of CA Performance Management, what version of CA Performance Management they are supported in and at what level of support.

After navigating to portal, on the left hand side, select either “Data Aggregator Version”, “Supported Vendors”  or “Metric Family” then navigate to your version of CA Performance Management, select the vendor and model of the device you would like to check and verify.

If a given device model you are looking for is not listed on this portal, it may be discovered and monitored at least at basic level (such as availability and interfaces) if it has one of the supported MIBs.

This portal currently does not cover non-SNMP certifications.

For more information about self-certification, please see the documentation included with the product. You can also contact your account team for information on related education and professional service offerings.


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