The image seems not to be prepared with a OSIM prepare job
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The image seems not to be prepared with a OSIM prepare job


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When running the "Create New OS Image" or "Update OS Image" wizard with an ImageX OS Image the wizard fails with

ERROR: The image seems not to be prepared with a OSIM prepare job (see osim-getimage.log)! 



The Templates provided for ImageX OS Images assume that the WIM file is created using an "OSIM Support OS Image" ("GetImage") to prepare and capture the WIM file.

As this method records the prepare phase in a log file it is possible to perform a check to ensure that the image has been correctly prepared with sysprep.

The wizard is looking for the file "osim-getimage.log" in the same folder as the wim file. Specifically it is looking for the following line

############# target was prepared with osimsysprep.cmd ############# .

which is written after the prepare phase is successfully completed. If this is not found then the error is displayed to prevent creating an OSImage that has not been correctly prepared with sysprep


  • WIM is created using "GetImage"
    • Start again and complete the "Prepare" phase before running the "Capture" phase.
  • WIM is created through manual or 3rd party process
    • Edit the file ....\CA\DSM\osimips\os-template\template.ini
    • locate the section for the image type you are creating eg [IMAGEX-WIN10x64]
    • change the value "syspreprequired=" from "yes" to "no" 


Release: UASIT.99000-12.8-Asset Intelligence