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Unable to upgrade AIX 7.1 robot - no sections found which can be installed


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


The UIM robot running an older (5.32 or prior) robot on AIX 7.1 cannot be upgraded to a newer robot (5.41 or higher).

During the distribution process, the error "no sections found which can be installed" will be returned and the robot will not be upgraded.


An issue with the UIM robot 5.32 or prior causes the robot's operating system type to be returned as "AIX" instead of "AIX_5" or "AIX_5_64" as required.


Component: Robot 5.32

AIX 7.1 running UIM robot 5.32 or prior


1. In your Archive, locate the robot_update package 

2. Right-click and make a copy of it - call it something like robot_update_aix71 

3. Right-click the newly created copy and choose Edit... 

4. In the package editor locate the AIX_5_64 tab and click into it. 

5. From here you will see two drop-down menus: OSType and OS.  OSType should say "unix" and OS will say "AIX_5_64." 

6. Click to highlight "AIX_5_64" and type "AIX" in its place. (This is not available from the dropdown but you can overtype it.) 

7. Click OK to save the package.

 You should now be able to use this package to upgrade your AIX 7.1 robots to the current version.