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Delete Investments Job Fails - PRJ-07536 error


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Other Work Investment has timesheet entries posted. The associated Time Periods were previously deleted, now the Other Work cannot be deleted, but it should be. The Delete Investments job failed.


Have an existing non-project investment (NPIO) such as an 'Other Work' investment with team members that have posted timesheets. The administrator has closed and deleted some old Time Reporting Periods that may have been used for the timesheets that have been posted into the NPIO investment.

Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Mark an 'Other Work' investment as inactive (uncheck Active box)
  2. Go to the Other Work List view, select this investment and click 'Mark for Delete' button
  3. Execute the 'Delete Investments' job
  4. Expected Result: The job should complete successfully and delete the investment

Actual Result: The job failed with the error message: 

PRJ-07536: An error ocurred while attempting to delete one or more projects in the background scheduler. Please, refer to the log for details.


Clarity PPM 15.8


The settings on the investment are preventing the job from deleting it.  Because there is at least one Time Reporting Period that has been deleted where this investment has had prior timesheet entries, the job cannot locate the time reporting period and thus causes the error message to appear.


To resolve this error message, you will need to set the Track Mode to 'None' and disable Open for Time Entry option so that the job will not check for matching Time Reporting Periods.  
  • Login as the Investment Manager 
  • Navigate to the specific Investment 
  • Locate the Settings page where the 'Track Mode' and 'Open for Time Entry' attributes are displayed 
  • Set Track Mode = None 
  • Set Open for Time Entry = unchecked 
  • Save the changes 
  • Run the 'Delete Investments' job ; it should successfully delete the investment now