How do you set Self-Registration Questions and Answer pairs as required?
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How do you set Self-Registration Questions and Answer pairs as required?


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Self registration allows users to enter Questions and Answer pairs in case users forget their password in the future.  Some users are skipping these Questions and Answers and finishing the registration.

How do I configure the Question and Answer pairs to be required fields?


Release: CAIDMB99000-12.6.7-Identity Manager-B to B


Go into the "Self registration" task in your Identity Manager Environment. From the fields tab you will see the fields including the questions and answers. You will see the "Access" column shows different permissions.  First name and Last name are required but the questions and answers are not. To change this you must modify the XML.

Go into your Management Console UI and select your environment. Export the XML. Make a backup of the XML and open it in a text editor. Search for "Answer 1", Answer 2, Answer 3, Security Question 1, etc" You will see the permissions are RW. This is just "read\write. For read\write required all the questions and answers should be "RWM". For example:

ScreenField name="Answer 1" permission="RWM" attribute="|Answer1|">

Once all the questions and answers you want required are set to RWM please save the XML file. Import it back into the your Management Console environment.  Restart your environment. Once complete go back into the IME UI and refresh the self registration task. You will see all the fields specified with RWM are now required.