Can the Datacom System Tables be read with COBOL programs?


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Can I use a COBOL (or other language) program to retrieve data from the Datacom System Tables?


At this time, it is not possible to use standard native-call programs in COBOL to access the Datacom System Tables. The approved method and the easiest way to access all of the tables is to use SQL.

In addition to using SQL to access the Datacom System Tables, you can use the CA Datacom/DB Reporting Facility (commonly called Data Reporter), but there are some considerations for doing this. Refer to the CA Datacom/DB Reporting Facility Guide, in the section "Accessing CA Datacom/DB Tables with the Reporting Facility › Accessing Dynamic System Tables."  Here is what it says:

Accessing Dynamic System Tables

·         Access is limited to Dynamic System Tables in the following circumstances;

o    Excludes tables starting with SQL_ that are only accessible using SQL

o    RAAT commands REDKX, REDKG, and REDNX only

o    The MUFNAME field or DIRNAME field is forced to the MUF being used and the CXX being used

o    With the CA Datacom fix for COPYDD, you have access to simple fields for fields defined as SQL DATE, TIME, and TIMESTAMP

Additional Information:

For more information about the CA Datacom/DB Reporting Facility or the Datacom System Tables, please refer to the following Guides:

CA Datacom/DB Version 14.02 Reporting Facility User Guide 

CA Datacom/DB version 14.02 System Tables Reference Guide 

CA Datacom/DB Version 15.0 Reporting Facility User Guide 

CA Datacom/DB Version 15.0 System Tables Reference Guide 

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.


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