Client Automation - Error on patch using Patch Manager while proxy is enabled


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Using Patch Manager with proxy settings enabled, it may happen that during a patch download through Patch Manager, it return a "package failed" status.

We could see the below error in the UPM.log:

DEBUG [] - Patch: upmrollup.ini {d8b22a4a-e1fc-4def-be67-09c0a5773ddd} Downloading file will be stored at: C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\\d8b22a4a-e1fc-4def-be67-09c0a5773ddd\upmrollup.ini

ERROR [] - Patch: upmrollup.ini {d8b22a4a-e1fc-4def-be67-09c0a5773ddd} verification failed

In this case the upmrollup.ini has failed.


One of possible causes of the failure is the proxy configuration in network environment has changed and prevent the patch to download successfully


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1) Look for the patch in failed status in your system.

e.g: In the log portion above we can see the store location of the downloaded patch in



2) Rename the file as upmrollup.html and execute it in order to open it in the Web browser. You could see a message like:


"Network Error (dns_unresolved_hostname)                          
Your requested host "hostname" could not be resolved by DNS.
For assistance, contact your network support team."              


At this point the issue could be progressed by:

a) ensuring at network team level that the host name is resolved in  DNS
b) add the "hostname" in hosts file of the proxy server