How to Purge the Notify Log Header table?
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How to Purge the Notify Log Header table?


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Notification log header is a table that usually has huge amount of entries that are no longer needed. Can this info be archived, or even better, purged from the system?



CA Service Desk Manager provides several pre-defined archive/purge rules. However, out-of-the-box, these are inactive and can not be seen in the list with the default filters. These are the steps to enable the rules to make them available for purging the data.


1- Login to CA Service Desk Manager and navigate to Administration tab -> Archive and Purge -> Archive and Purge Rules.

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Figure 1 

2- Click on Show Filter and Select Inactive from the Status drop down.

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Figure 2

3- Click on Search. This will display a list of predefined archive and purge rules.

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Figure 3

4- Select Notify Log Header from the list and click on Edit.

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Figure 4

5- Change the status from Inactive to Active. Select the operation type as Purge Only if you want to purge without archiving.  Select the time you want to run the rule from Schedule Drop down. Click on Save to save the changes

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Figure 5

6- Now the Notify Log Header will appear in the list of Active Archive and Purge Rules. It will run in the Non Business Hours as specified.

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Figure 6


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Important Note: Make sure you change the status of the Archive and Purge rules back to Inactive if you do not want to run it daily. Having the rule active may cause unwanted purging of data.


Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License


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