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Is the TCPaccess Communications Server compatible with z/OS 2.1 and above?


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Is the TCPaccess Communications Server 6.0 compatible with z/OS 2.1?

TCPaccess Communications Server 6.0 and the add-on products
TCPaccess FTP Server 
TCPaccess Telnet Server 
were set End of Life in March 2013.

Because of this they cannot be certified on any further z/OS releases and no fixes can be written in case of problems.
With that said, we do have customers running the product on z/OS 2.1, and we are running it here at CA on z/OS 2.2.
The same level of maintenance is required as for z/OS 1.9; SP5 plus PTF's  TP10810, TP10811 and TP10813.

While each environment is unique and we cannot guarantee that the product will function on your system, no z/OS related problems have been reported for z/OS 2.1 or above.


Release: SLTCPA00200-6-TCPaccess-Communications Server