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This document explains the following error in JFM: CAL2M170E Monitor(CA71) Terminating - Call to module L2JFDBIO failed RC(28) token(00000000)


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CA 7 Workload Automation



Following an install of CA 7 Webclient and Jobflow Monitor, the following terminating error can be produced in the JobFlow Monitor joblog

CAL2M170E Monitor(CA71) Terminating - Call to module L2JFDBIO failed RC(28) token(00000000)


The L2JFDBIO and CAL2M170E error messages in the JFM joblog can have multiple meanings.



Configuration between CA7 Webclient and Jobflow Monitor is not configured via ENF, CA 7, TCP/IP, etc... 



There can be various adjustments made to correct the L2JFDBIO failed RC(28) token(00000000) error.  Verify that the following configuration rules are in place:

-Verify and apply the latest CA 7 and JFM maintenance

-Define the following CA 7 queues as memory-resident:





-Define a TCPTPORT on the UCC7VTAM statement:   


 The TCPTPORT keyword triggers CA WA CA 7 Edition to set up the TCP/IP environment that JFM requires.

-In the CAL2OPTN library, verify that the JBFLWMN member has the following:

 MONITOR(TYPE(WARM) INSTANCE(CA71) REFRESH(30) SPAN(2) HISTORY(0) CPMSRVR(N))Note:  Values may vary, depending on site requirements

-If CPM=JFM or JFMLOAD, CPMSRVR is set to Y.

 If the CPM keyword is not provided, CPMSRVR is set to N.

-Define a CA7LOG EVENT for the JFM task.

-Start the CA7ONL task first, followed by the JFM task.

-Insure that there are no CA-7.973 in the CA 7 joblog for DATE/TIME VERIFICATION


-Verify that JFM is pointing to the correct instance of CA 7 in the CAL2OPTN(JBFLWMN) member. 

-Insure that TCP/IP has started prior to the CA7ONL task.


 Note:  All ports must be unique



Additional Information: 

For more information about configuring Job Flow Monitor with CA 7 Webclient, please refer to these guides:



As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA 7 if you have further questions.


Release: ESPSEV99000-11.3-CA-7-Extended Support Plus