CA Directory, data migration, EEM 8.1 to 12.5, 12.51


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Trying to upgrade EEM sever to 12.51 and need the specific steps to migrate the data. This document walks you through the migration process of CA Directory Data, to move data from EEM 8.1 to EEM 12.5.


Release: ETRIA199000-8.4-Embedded Entitlements Manager



We have created these steps to do a dump of the Data in EIAM 8.1, sort the data, and upload it to EEM 12.5.

The basic syntax for the dumping an eTrust Directory 12.0 dxdump1 (Ingres based) datastore is:

   dxdumpdb [-f <ldifflie>] [-z] [-v] [-x <attributes>] [-I <attributes>] dsaName   (or you can use > as a redirect to LDIF file as you mentioned below).

for example:

   dxdumpdb -f itechpoz-hostname.ldif –z itechpoz-hostname

And yes, of course, as this is Directory 12.0, you need to sort the output LDIF file with ldifsort *before* loading it into Directory r12.0.

NOTE: Make sure they run 'dxdumpdb' as the user who installed old EEM with old eTrust Directory 8.1, as that user will be the DBA of this 'itechpoz' Ingres database. If not, the dump will prompt to enter a password and NONE of the passwords they type in will work.

To Sort the data you need to run the following commands:

    Ldifsort itechpox-hostname.ldif sorted-itechpoz-hostname.ldif

Once this is sorted, take the sorted file and copy it over to the new EEM R12.5 server.

To upload the data, please follow these steps:

  1.     Copy the exported LDIF file to the dxserver folder of the CA Directory installation directory.
  2.     Open the command prompt and navigate to the CA Directory installation directory.
  3.     Execute the following command:

   dxmodify -a -c -H ldap://current_fullyqualifiedhostname:dsaport -D "cn=EiamAdmin,cn=Admins,cn=Entities,cn=iTechPoz" -w eiamadminpassword -f iTechPoz-export.ldif

The LDIF file will be imported.