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How to configure CA SystemEDGE to monitor and evaluate amount of files on a specific path


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Customer wants to configure CA SystemEDGE to monitor and evaluate amount of files on a specific path


To monitor amount of files under a specific directory requires two watchers be added:

·        a LogFile watcher entry to initialize folder monitoring

·        a self monitor watcher to evaluate the amount of files under the path


SystemEDGE Agent Version 5.8 / 5.9


1) Stop CA SystemEdge Agent

2) Locate and edit to configure required watchers, is in the CA SystemEDGE data_directory,

The default path in Unix is /opt/CA/SystemEDGE/config/port1691/

The default path in windows is C:\Users\Public\CA\SystemEDGE\port1691\

3) Add your LogFile watcher to the as this way:

watch logfile <logFile_index> <flags> '<file>' '<regexpr>' ['<descr>' ['<action>' [<interval> [<severity>]]]]


watch logfile 6000 0x1800 'C:\MyPath' '' C:\MyPath' '' 1 warning

Note: It is important to register the <logFile_index> as it will be used on Self Monitor Watcher, in this case is 6000

4) Add self monitor watcher to the as this way: 

monitor oid <oid> <index> <flags> <interval> <stype>[/<scale>] <oper> <thresh> ['<descr>' ['<action>' [<supIndex>]]]

Note 1: <oid> will be "logMonitorLogFileCount.<logFile_index>" where <logFile_index> is the value filled on step 2.

Note 2: <index> should be different as the one set on <logFile_index>

Example: (Next example will evaluate if amount of files is greater than 5 )

monitor oid logMonitorLogFileCount.6000 6001 0x8 30 absolute >= 5 'FileCount is more than 5' '' 0

3) Restart the CA SystemEDGE Agent

On windows you can restart the agent in the services.msc

On Unix you can go to run the following command:

/opt/CA/SystemEDGE/bin/sysedgectl restart 

 Additional Information:

KB000029809 CA SystemEDGE Monitoring Windows Performance Counters

KB000035359 Can CA-SystemEDGE monitor Custom Windows event logs? 



Release: SYSPAG99000-5.7-Systemedge


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