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Is there any way to call a CA-Ideal program from a non-Ideal one?


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Is there any way to call a CA-Ideal program from a non-Ideal (i.e. Cobol, PL/1, Assembler,…) one?


CA Ideal cannot be called from a non-Ideal program in batch.

In CICS, there are two ways:

  • A CA Ideal asynchronous RUN can be invoked from a non-Ideal CICS application (see Additional Information section below).
  • For synchronous tasks, the non-Ideal program can invoke a CA Ideal transparent signon transaction via EXEC CICS START command. Then, at the end of the CA Ideal run, the control can be passed back to the non-Ideal transaction using a SET FINAL-ID; however that means you would be back at the beginning of the non-Ideal transaction so you would need a way to tell the non-Ideal program you had already executed the CA Ideal session. Either Datacom/DB records or CICS temporary storage could be used.  The temporary storage option requires the CA Ideal program to call a non-IDEAL subprogram to read and write any CICS TSQueues. 

Additional Information:


For additional details about running asynchronous CA-Ideal transactions, see also Asynchronous Execution With CA Ideal Technical Document. 


Release: ESBIDL99000-11-Extended Support Basic-for CA Ideal