Is it possible to invoke /UAMS when running with a Full security exit ?
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Is it possible to invoke /UAMS when running with a Full security exit ?


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When running Solve with a Full Security Exit, UAMS Dataset is not required, but it is still possible to access /UAMS and browse Users.
So where does this information, displayable from '/UAMS.B' shortcut and specifying a Userid, come from ?





When the Full Security Exit is implemented, UAMS dataset is not used, but /UAMS is still available and accessible. So the question is : "Is the User security information taken from Storage Blocks inside SOLVE or is it requested from the external Security System ?".


The procedure $UADTL01, invoked by /UAMS, runs queries against the Table containing the User Profiles in the Full Security Exit and the external Security System, i.e. : ACF2, TopSecret or RACF, for other informations. After these sources are collected, the $UADTL01 procedure returns them in panel form to the User.


The informations displayed on the panel cannot be updated, because they are derived from the external Security System and from the Full Security Exit and not from  UAMS database.




Release: SLACCS00200-5-SOLVE:Access-Session Management