What are record ID 2 and 3 in a user database?
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What are record ID 2 and 3 in a user database?


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After a RESTRUCTURE a PRINT SPACE report shows record IDs 2 and 3 that did not exist before the Restructure.  What are these and how do we get rid of them?


The system records SR2 and SR3 indicate that some record occurrences were "Relocated" during the Restructure, because the increase in length resulted in the record not fitting back on its page. 

The SR2 is a very small record stored at the original DBKEY as a placeholder. It contains the original record ID and the DBKEY of the SR3. 
The SR3 is the relocated record. 

At some future time, when the area is readied in UPDATE mode, if a relocated record is accessed, and we determine that it can now fit back on the original page, the SR2 and SR3 are deleted and the record goes back to its original page. 

Unload/Reload or Reorg will also get rid of any SR2/SR3s. 

If you are restructuring to increase record lengths and you know there are pages in the area with insufficient space to increase every occurrence of the records you are increasing, it is a good practice to first EXPAND PAGE the area to allow sufficient space on each page. 
This can help avoid Relocated records during Restructure. 
Then at some later date you can UNLOAD and RELOAD the area, taking it back to the optimal Page Size you originally calculated for the records in the area and possibly expand the number of Pages in the area as well. 



Additional Information: 

DATABASE ADMINISTRATION GUIDE - Record Storage and Deletion - Relocated Records


Release: IDADSO00100-18.5-ADS-for CA-IDMS