What information is contained in the q.rdb files?
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What information is contained in the q.rdb files?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)



1.  What do the q1.rdb and q2.rdb files contain?  

2.   Should they be put back in the Nimsoft Database?




Any Robot version


Answer 1: 

** The q1.rdb and q2.rdb files holds everything that is being sent to the spooler - qos, alarms, probe_discovery, qos_definition, audit, etc etc.  Any "message" from a robot is sent through these files

Additional information:

If the robot and hub communication is fine, these files should have a very (almost 0) small size as the information is flowing fast. 

If the robot is running fine but is unable to connect to a hub, these files will grow in size until communication with a hub is restored. All stored messages are sent to the hub when it is online. 

Answer 2: 

** There is no out-of-the-box tool to place these files back in the Nimsoft Database in case they were renamed.

** Although it could be tried to put them back by stopping the Nimsoft Service, copy-paste them and restarting the Nimsoft Service, it is not recommended since they could bring down the NAS probe.