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ISPF Command Table not updated by PDSMAN when user signs on to ISPF


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When I startup PDSMAN, it does not update the ISPF COMMAND TABLE with PDSM or EZY. I don't see any messages in the log that shows any errors.  ISPF user cannot access commands PDSM or EZY.



The ISPF command table is built by ISPF when ISPF is started by a TSO user. PDSMAN intercepts ISPF and alters ISPF parameters so that ISPF will call the PDSMAN module that will update the ISPF command table.

In this case, the TSO logon CLIST is executing ISRPCP to get into ISPF.  Typically, the names ISPF, PDF or ISPSTART are used.

Currently, PDSMAN only intercepts program names ISPF, PDF and ISPSTART.

PDSMAN does not intercept ISPICP or ISRPCP:

  • ISPSTART is an alias to ISPICP command.
  • PDF and ISPF are aliases to ISRPCP command. 



Alter the logon EXEC or CLIST to use the standard 'ISPF' command name instead of 'ISRPCP'.


Release: PDSMA100200-7.7-PDSMAN-PDS Library Management-ONE COMPONENT