I am installing CA InterTest for CICS release 9.1. Can I use the old PROTSYM file as there are no new programs to define?


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I am upgrading CA InterTest for CICS from release 8.5 and installing release 9.1.  Can I use the old release 8.5 PROTSYM files as there are no new programs to define?


Yes, the CA InterTest for CICS PROTSYM files from release 8.5 can be carried over and successfully used in an InterTest for CICS release 9.1 environment. However, please bear in mind that by doing so, you can lose the new functionality introduced with release 9.1.  One of the major changes introduced with release 9.1 allows you to store multiple copies of the same application program in the same symbolic file.  The number of versions of the same program that can be stored within the file is set at the time the file is initialized with the symbolic file maintenance utility, IN25UTIL.  Those files initialized with release 8.5 will not allow this.  

Additional Information:

Please refer to the following documentation for details on the new changes introduced with release 9.1:

  • The CA InterTest for CICS release 9.1 Release Notes
  • The CA Application Quality and Testing Tools release 9.1 Symbolic Guide
  • TEC1885333 - The Symbolic File Maintenance Utility, IN25UTIL, offers some additional functionality with Release 9.1 




Release: OSINBV00200-8.5-InterTest-Batch