Why do I get a Suberror for a WS_DOCLIT job type?
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Why do I get a Suberror for a WS_DOCLIT job type?


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)


How-To: Define a WebServices trigger job in CA Workload Automation DE. The below content assumes that all pre-requisite work has been completed to allow for the Web Services agent to function properly.

Customers may wish to define a web services job that will trigger another job within dSeries. 


Release: DSWAHA01300-12-Workload Automation DE-High Availability

This is applicable on both Windows & UNIX/Linux based systems. 



Define a Web Service job using the Web Service Document/Literal job type by dragging it from the palette to the active workspace.

There are a few required fields that the system is expecting. Within the CAWA DE Desktop Client:

On the Basic Panel:

WSDL URL: http://<appserver_name>:8080/axis2/services/EspDSeriesService?wsdl
Service Name: EspDSeriesService
Port Name: EspDSeriesServiceHttpSoap11Endpoint
Operation: triggerAddEvent
End point URL: http://<appserver_name>:8080/axis2/services/EspDSeriesService.EspDSeriesServiceHttpSoap11Endpoint/
User: <User account that will run the job>

On the Operation Parameters Panel:

The following parameters and values are required

/triggerAddEvent <null>
/triggerAddEvent/when <time value>
/trigger/AddEvent/userParms <User Account that will run the job>


Additional Information

One can get a good idea of what the expected parameters and values for using CAWA DE Web Services to control events/applications/jobs are by using a product called SoapUI. The product is freely available on the web, but is not supported in any way by CA Technologies.