Family "Enterprise Service" for Incident's Affected Service
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Family "Enterprise Service" for Incident's Affected Service


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For Affected Service column in an Incident form, there is only one family 'Enterprise Service' that is allowed. Is there a way to add other families as options to be selected under Affected Service?


USRD 12.9, 14.1


No this is not possible.

Additional Information:

Example Lifecycle of how these fields on the form are used in ITIL process:
Typically the 1st level helpdesk analyst or the person answering the phones, these people will get information from the caller about the 'Affected Service, or the application/service that the user is calling about to log an incident/request. The end user knows what service/application is an issue but they don't know the Configuration Item that caused the outage or required for the request.

Level 2 or the group that resolves the issue will then reclassify the  incident/Request/Problem ticket and they will add the appropriate value into the 'Configuration Item' field. They will use the CMDB Visualizer or other tools for root cause analysis, understanding what CI caused the issue or associate the appropriate CI to the request.

If Level 1/Helpdesk resolves the issue on first contact they can use the CMDB Visualizer to find the appropriate CI.

At the time of ticket creation the Helpdesk only knows the Affected Service as that is what the end user tells them. This is the common point of reference between Business and IT. During research, analysis and resolution phases the analyst updates the CI field.


Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License