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SessionLinker Installation and Configuration Documentation.


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where to find documentation on the installation and configuration of Session Linker?


There’s a bookshelf for the 12.52 version of sessionlinker, for 5.6 and 12.0 it is PDFs only I think.  The best way to locate them I’ve found is:

Go to the SiteMinder product support page

Click on “Knowledge base”, then on the following page select “documentation” for your search scope. Then type in what you’re looking for i.e. sessionlinker and hit search.

Also, on the right-hand side of the “Knowledge base” page under “quick access” you’ll have a Documentation link. That will drop you in to the official documentation center.  You can search the Bookshelfs for SessionLinker (only 12.52 sessionlinker seems to have one), or “other product documentation”.  

Search for “SAP” if you are doing “other product documentation, and select either the 12.0 or 5.6 SAP agent, the sessionlinker documentation is strangely under there.

(SAP is good instead of say, peoplesoft because SAP has both 5.6 and r12 versions.  if you search for peoplesoft you’ll only get the 5.6 version selection for sessionlinker docs).

Direct links:

SessionLinker 12.52 bookshelf:

SessionLinker 5.6 SP4 PDF doc:

SessionLinker 12.0 PDF doc:



Release: ESPSTM99000-12.51-Single Sign On-Extended Support Plus