What are the MDB Database Roles used by CA Service Desk Manager when using MS SQL as the DBMS?


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What are the Database Roles used by  CA Service Desk Manager on the MDB database?


Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License


All tables in the mdb database are owned by mdbadmin, so specific access is granted as follows.

Ams_group Group to allow Read only access to tables required by the Asset Viewer
db_ddladmin Needed during the initial install of Service Desk and ongoing for schema modifications (adding columns, tables, etc).
db_securityadmin Needed during the initial install of Service Desk.
Public Every database user belongs to the public database role.
Regadmin Group to allow update authority to Asset Registration tables required by CORA API
service_desk_admin_group Group to allow update authority to all tables owned by Service Desk.
service_desk_ro_group Group that can be used to grant Read Only access to Service Desk table for reporting purposes.
Usmgroup Group required to grant access to CA IT Client Manager tables
Workflow_admin_group Group required to grant access to CA Catalog tables

The default database userid is the one entered when CA Service Desk Manager Configuration was run and is the user specified in the NX_ROOT\NX.env file under the variable NX_DB_USERID.

For example:


Additional Information

At the following links you will find further information about the MS SQLServer’s roles assigned to mdbadmin user.

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