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How do we get and change the vsm and vsi files which are modified by the "Learning" mode for the VSE services?


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Using "Learning Mode" for the Virtual Service Environment (VSE) service is very effective method to reflect the changes from the real application services. But when we need to make large amount of changes, such as adding debug codes, for the VSE service which including the changes of the "Learning Mode", we need to get the *.vsm and *.vsi files.  How do we get the *.vsm and *.vsi files and change them?


Release: Service Virtualization all versions
Component: VSE



Please do the following steps.

1. Download the .mar file from the certain VSE service (which you want to change) on the DevTest Console or the Portal.

   a. From the DevTest Console, please click the VSE service name (link):



b. From the Portal, open a context menu by clicking the right mouse button on the VSE service and select the "Download MAR" like below:



2. Extract the .mar file.

*.mar file (which is downloaded on step.1) can be extracted by using the zip related application or jar command in the JDK.

After extracting, we can find the *.vsm and *.vsi file.

3. Open the *.vsm and *.vsi files in the DevTest Workstation.

  To open the *.vsm or *vsi file, you need to right click on *.vsm or *.vsi file and select the "Open" menu or to double click the *.vsm or *vsi file.


4. Change the *.vsm and *.vsi files in the Workstation, and press the "Save" button in the Workstation to save the changes.


5. In order to deploy the *. vsm and *.vsi files from the Workstation to the VSE server, right click on the *.vsm or *.vsi file and select the "Deploy/Redeploy to VSE" menu.


If we need to change only *.vsi file (if you already have the *.vsm file and it does not need to be changed), then we can get the *.vsi file as follows and change/save *.vsi file in the Workstation.

1. Click the Icon located at the left of the service name in the DevTest Console.


2. Download will start for only *.vsi file.