DX Spectrum - UIM Integration FAQ - spectrumgtw probe
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DX Spectrum - UIM Integration FAQ - spectrumgtw probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


DX Spectrum - UIM Integration FAQ


UIM 20.x


Question: How is the data pulled from UIM and modelled in Spectrum?

Answer: It uses only 2 fields – IP Address and FQDN Name from UIM Database Table. A new patch is released for which uses additional field from UIM.

These require nisapi 8.0.4 where the CsName was added in the data returned

                      Spectrum 9.4.1 - Spectrum_09.04.01.D26  (VMware Management only)

                      Spectrum - Spectrum_09.04.02.D34 (VMware Management only)

                      Spectrum 10.0 - Spectrum_10.00.00.D04 (VMware Management only)


                      Spectrum 10.1 has this included and works for both VMware and HostManagement

Question: What happens if we have multiple entries for the same Cis (with different or same origins) in UIM database?

Answer: Spectrum is only dependent on the IP Address registered and FQDN Name in CA UIM Database

Question: How do these Cis / Servers get modeled in a distributed environment on Spectrum (e.g. Server1 should be modelled on SS1, Server2 on SS2)?

Answer: Spectrum currently doesn’t support multi-tenancy, but if the devices have IP Addresses (which are available in CA UIM), then Spectrum can correlate as the IP Address to that particular Land Scape (in the case of multiple Landscapes), but if no IP is available then it will add a single entry in the Primary Landscape.

                      Host Management – OneClick queries for devices whose dedicated role is Host. OneClick will search across all distributed landscapes looking to see if this model exists, if so it will tag the existing model and add

                             the QoS subviews to the model instead of creating a new model. New models will get created on the landscape configured in the OneClick ‘UIM Integration’ web page.

                      VMware Management – OneClick will take an ESX Host belonging to a datacenter and create a Pingable model on all landscapes and will trigger a discover connections to see if it can locate the upstream devices.

                          So you may see different datacenters located on different landscapes. These can be migrated to another landscape after the VMware Sync  is complete by configuring it on the UIM Manager model.

                          *Currently the VMware Sync does not check for existing models on the landscape it creates models on. I suggest enabling the VMware Sync first and then the Host Management Sync when complete.

                          * Spectrum Dev is currently working on having OneClick correlate VMware models with existing models on the landscape it decides to create the models on and is in progress in the current sprint for 10.1.1.

Question: We have many VMs which are being monitored by Robots/probes and they are also discovered using VMWare probe, so how will this modelling happen in Spectrum?

Answer: It will use the VMware Probe to do the relationship modelling with the ESX Hosts/Switches connected to ESX Hosts, but for Physical Machines it will only use IP Address for modelling. This may depend on correlation in UIM. If there is a Host model and a VMware model each part of the integration will try and create a model which is why we suggest enabling the Host Management second so that it may find the vm model.


Question: Does CI/Server “origin” in UIM have any impact on modelling that same CI/Server in Spectrum?

Answer: No

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