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How to change the language for a pre-defined tooltip-text.


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How to change the language for a pre-defined tooltip-text.



There is a need to change the language for a text, in the below situation:

There is a required field on a CA Service Catalog Form.

And when you click on this field, a popup opens with the text: "This field is required".

The question then is: How to change the language for this text?



CA Service Catalog r14.1 on Windows.



Without any tool tip set manually on the required form field itself,

 once you open a request with that form

 and you do not enter any data in such required field

 and then add it to the cart,

then you will get a validation popup AND a 'tooltip', while hovering over the field-in-error.

With the default text, in English: "This field is required".


The following is to be explained on that:

The appearing text: "This field is required" is not in to be customized in an .xsl or .xml file.

Which means that for a possible localization of this text, there is no "source" file to be changed.

A solution for this might be to edit the form and add a 'tool tip' yourself to such a field.

You can add the text in the language you prefer.


Another explanation is the following:

These text-values are part of gxt-gwt22.jar file.

This information is part of the file inside that jar.

And these files are being delivered by GXT which is a 3rd-party product.

Which holds another possibly solution for you then:

You can use a 'tool' to

 extract the .jar content,

 make the changes that you need to make,

 (re)build the .jar again and then

 use this in your environment.


Additional Information:

An important note to this is: this is out of scope of Level 1 Support.

And a difficult customization to manage when e.g. a patch is delivered which such a file included.


Release: CASVCT99000-14.1-Service Catalog