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How to change GOA scripts emails limit of 1000 data lines ?


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager



How to change GOA scripts emails limit of 1000 data lines ?


The GOA script emails of data is limited to 1000 lines. This results in writing in the SYSLOG the following message:

VAN1584I The Vantage email line limit of 1000 has been reached. Email lines after this limit are ignored

To avoid the default of 1000 data lines limit and get the entire data in the email created by a GOA script, you need to use direct TCP communication with the SMTP interface instead of the spool interface to send emails. 

You need to do the following:

1) Using CA Vantage GUI Windows Client HCC (Host Configuration Client) select the VKGPARMS:

2) Specify the SMTPHOST and SMTPPORT VKGPARMS parameters with your site definition. 

3) If no email are received, add the SMTPDOMN VKGPARMS

4) As soon as you will save the change using HCC, the REFRESH VKGPARMS will be initiated.

5) FIRE your GOA script manually to check that you get the entire data in your email.

Additional Information:

The Wiki/Product Documentation is available here:



As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Vantage if you have further questions or need assistance.


Release: SMV3EN00200-12.6-Graphical Management Interface